Four big advantage
Four Reasons To Choose
Independent design and production
Many years of research and development, production strength manufacturers
Years of research and development production strength

Helsh-tech-Professional manufacturing, specialized in technology, skilled in solving the working conditions of fluid delivery media

Companies adhering to the "Harmony", "Advantage"  "Time" three spirits, dedicated service, people-oriented, excellence business philosophy  

More than 20 years of experience in R&D and design
More than 20 years of experience in R&D and design

Technician has more than 20 years of fluid equipment development

Since 2004 the founder of the company has been engaged in the design and R & D of fluid equipment and has many years of overseas design and market application experience

Professional team and stable technology with batch production

The product structure is diversified and the variety is complete
The structure is diversified and there are many kinds

Rich product types, diversified structure and complete variety

Helsh-tech-focus on new product research and development, specializing in quality, product application in a wide range of fields 

One hour quotation response, perfect after-sales service
Quotation response in one hour&Multiple delivery modes

Quick response to customer demand: one hour quotation response, 24-hour production operation

Perfect after-sales service, customers can choose flexibly, support door-to-door problem sovling and door-to-door delivery

Entering Helsh-TechAbout Us
A commitment to homogeneous emulsification and homogeneous mixing pump production enterprises
Ningbo Helsh-Tech Fluid Co., Ltd.

Helsh-Tech is a professional manufacture and providing more scientific and technological products for the market and more efficient solutions for the various working conditions.The company's main products are cam type double rotor pump, homogenization emulsion pump, homogenization mixing pump, high shear homogenizer, sanitary centrifugal pump, rubber rotor pump and so on.The products are reliable in quality and advanced in technology which are highly praised by users at domestic and forein.

Address your application needs

Helsh-tech is committed to providing more high-tech products for the market, providing more efficient solutions for various conditions

All kinds of pump consulting services are provided free of charge:

18358285818(Mr Li)

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