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Ningbo Helsh-Tech Fluid Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise dedicated to homogeneous emulsification pump and homogeneous mixing pump.Since 2004 the founder of the company has been engaged in the design and R & D of fluid equipment and has many years of overseas design and market application experience, and at the same time Helsh-tech brand was established in 2020 of China.

In order to continuously promote the scientific and technological progress in the fluid field, helsh-tech focuses on the R & D, improvement and updating of new products, and constantly improves and upgrades existing products. The company's products are widely used in food, daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, papermaking, environmental protection, oil field and so on.

Helsh-Tech's corporate philosophy is "Harmony" for providing perfect service and "Advantage" sincere cooperation and win-win future,pioneering forge ahead、take innovation steps、adevance with the times is "Time".helsh-tech adhering to the ethos of "Helsh-Tech",motivated the progress of the industry and provides users with more excellent service and more innovative product and more stable process technology with cost-effective products.

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